Thank you for your support!!!

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Please support the Berry Family: 2 in Colorado & 2 in Ethiopia

Adoption Fundraiser


Tres de Mayo Celebration


 You are cordially invited to 

Cantina LAREDO

Tuesday May 3, 2011

4pm to close

We need 100+ people in order to receive the generous donation from Cantina Laredo!!!

Cantina LAREDO is a beautiful restaurant situated in The Streets at SouthGlenn. Enjoy delicious gourmet Mexican food and tasty margaritas with us. They have graciously given us this evening with our friends and will assist us with our adoption expenses.

Please come out for a drink, appetizer or nice dinner to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Cantina LAREDO will donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening to us. The key is to say you are there for The Berry Family. We would like to ask you to invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We would love to see you there!


Abby and Mat Berry

Cantina LAREDO

The Streets at SouthGlenn

6851 South Gaylord Street

Centennial, CO 80122


 *Valet service for Cantina LAREDO is available across the way at Tarbell’s. 

Please RSVP to Abby Berry by phone: 720.284.2226 or email: berryabs@yahoo

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I have clearly not removed this blog. And I have been making posts on the other blog…

I am unclear as to what to do exactly. Deleting this blog is very permanent. And I have put so much heart and soul into it in the last year or so. And the ease of posting pictures and videos is a world of difference on the other blog. And I have a feeling that once things start rolling forward with the kiddo’s… it’s going to be lots of pictures and videos to share with you. So for the meantime I suppose I will wander back and forth until I can make a decision. I hate being so wishy-washy about the whole thing. But until I have a clear picture of what I should do, I guess that’s the way it will be.

I am also over here…

I hope you are well!

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Other Blog

Experimenting with the new blog…


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Our Weekend

April is starting out to be a great month! Here is a look at our busy weekend. 


  • Out of work early to get the 3rd and last Hep B shot and the 2nd and last Hep A shot. Mat and I are getting closer and closer to being done with all of our vaccinations. typhoid and Yellow Fever to go!
  • Lodo’s… to visit with Mat’s work friends and of course our friends Lisa and Chris. They had their 10 year wedding anniversary and completed 2 of their 3 classes on International Adoption Training (see our April 2010 post to learn about the specifics) with LFS. We are so blessed to have Lisa and Chris in our lives, we are family now and it is a wonderful thing! We love you guys!
  • Red Robin with Joe and little Fletcher- 3rd week in a row to hang out and loving it. We missed seeing Kristalyn, but she was livin it up with girlfriends at the Reba concert.


  • RECYCLE!!! I think the gas we used during this little adventure could have outweighed the effects of our recycling trip but I hope it made a difference… We drove to Mat’s parents house to pick up the truck and hot water heater #1. Then back to our house to pick up hot water heater #2. Drove to Atlas Steel downtown. Now, let me tell you, this place was something else. It was as if we crossed over to another world when we drove through the gate. There were HUGE piles of random steel scraps and cables everywhere. It was organized chaos at it’s best. There were men sorting through the scraps and others shuttling the dozens of trucks around. They weighed the truck, told us to go to “the pile on the left” and Mat shoved the water heaters off the back of the truck and added to the growing pile. We were then given a piece of paper, weighed the truck again, went to claim our money ($26 and change) and headed out. It was wild! I had always noticed the big sign from I-25 but once you are actually in this other world it’s totally bizarre.

  • Then we were off to the Habitat for Humanity Warehouse that is open to the public. We found a door for the storage room/garage out of  hundreds…we had to look for the one with the closest dimensions to what we needed. The inches were written on a little piece of tape on the side of the door. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack (kinda). But it was nice, painted white and only $25! I happened to find a treasure amidst the rows and rows of donated items…a black iron easel!!! I am not sure if that’s what it’s purpose is actually for, but that’s what I’m going to use it for. I am soooo excited about this and cannot wait to get it cleaned up and ready to go!
  • Lunch with Jan (Mat’s Mom) and Yvette (Mat’s sister) at Cantina Laredo. Yummy food and great margs! Spoke to the Manager about our upcoming Adoption Fundraiser and left feeling very happy. Boutique shopping with Jan…looking for cooking tools for her and pottery inspirations for me.


Mat took down the old door and put up the new door it looks great! The old door was literally falling apart.

I worked on my 40 bags in 40 days project

  • Removed all items from kitchen cupboards, cleaned, made a garage sale pile for items we don’t need or use anymore, made a pile for large items to put in storage that are rarely used but want to keep (pretty glass cake stand and cover- wedding gift, etc.) and re-organized overall space for better usage.
  • This means the kitchen is nearly complete! I still need to do the freezer, junk drawer, spice drawer, recipe/kitchen towel drawer, Ziploc drawer and bar glasses cupboard. So close…
  • Took pictures of antique tools and Royal Copenhagen plates to put on eBay. Now, I just need to figure out how to use eBay! Task for today 🙂

I cannot wait to get to our closet, the kiddos closet and the upstairs bathroom. I am dreading the garage and the entire storage/laundry area.

We hope you had a nice weekend!

Humphry the Hippo

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A work in progress

I have been trying to get the other blog ready. It is not complete, but it’s starting to look nice. If you want to take a peek…

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3 things…

1. My Uncle Greg just recently returned from South Africa on a Rotary trip. He was kind enough to allow me to post his beautiful pictures. Thanks UG! My parents have also been to South Africa.

Pictures below, I find it difficult on WordPress to add pictures into existing text.

2. I have gone a little light on my 40 bags in 40 days adventure, but here is what I have done in the last couple days.

  • Cleaned and organized the silverware drawer
  • Collected items for our adoption garage sale (which will most likely be sometime in August after we receive our referral)
  • Blog, blog, blog work (apparently I am trying to complicate but yet simplify my blogging experience)
  • Bake Grama Betty cookies…the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever taste
  • Watch The Biggest Loser with Mat

3. Blog transfiguration – I am working really hard to re-create our blog into something better and on a program (Blogger) that is easier for me to use. This means there is a lot of cutting and pasting, revisions, etc. The “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress have yet to get back to me on how I can transfer all materials over to a competitor. Shocking. So, alas, I am doing it on my own. The pages (book recommendations, etc.) seem to be going just fine so far. The hardest part is going to see if I can carry over any of my old posts. I may try to group them into Months since I have been at this for a little over a year.

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